Can skincare actually be simple AND still effective?

What feels like a million years ago, I recall being a teenager struggling with acne, pimple ridden skin. It literally hurt my face to even smile.

 I enviously looked on at my friends using pro activ because it was advertised on the telly as the magical cure to better skin and yet my mother wouldn’t buy it for me. Instead she insisted on taking me to a beauty therapist, for a proper skin analysis and prescribed skincare routine. 

For that I am truely now grateful. I remember walking out of that first appointment and being bombarded with 10 different products that I HAD to have if I wanted clearer skin, each one had a purpose and I needed the whole range if I wanted the clear, dewy, fresh skin I had dreamed of. 

Luckily, the products I did get (certainly not all 10!) was a wonderful starting point on my skincare journey. However - The fact of the matter is - skincare doesn’t have to be that complicated. In every day life at the salon we often hear clients saying they have no idea what products to use, the correct sequence or even what they need to use on their faces, some clients not using a moisturiser for fear they will have oilier skin or break out with pimples - true fact, if you have an oily skin type you NEED to moisturise, even with an oil control product, If you cleanse (or worse- use soap) and don’t use any moisturising product to follow up, your skin goes into mass production oil mode to try and counteract the sebum/moisture loss and therefore becomes even oilier then it was in the first place. It’s all about keeping it simple and starting your skincare journey with 3 basic products, regardless of whether you are 15 or 75 years old.

 The first product is a cleanser, using a small pea-sized amount, cleanse your face with the product in circular motions for atleast one minute, rinse with warm water or face cloth (but make sure you change your face cloth often!) if you are removing makeup or have troublesome skin - it’s best to cleanse twice- you’d be surprised how much comes off on the second cleanse still. 

The second product is an exfoliant - this is a granular product and you will probably need a 10c piece size for an effective exfoliation. Again apply in circular motions all over the face for a minimum of a minute- look out for products you can leave on your skin aswell and doubles as a mask (for those Occasions you feel like pampering yourself) the purpose of this product is to remove your outer layer of dead skin cells. To allow better product absorption, deep pore cleansing and better cellular turnover (you’d be suprised how much fresher your skin looks and feels and how your makeup sits better!) don’t overdo it though - using an exfoliant once to twice a week is plenty. 

The third and final product for our simple skincare routine is a moisturiser, apply after cleansing, morning and night, to nourish & rebalance your skin, prevent fine lines and stop premature ageing. Use a pea- sized amount and press into your skin. Your products should last you a minimum of 3 months, if you are getting through them quicker then that, or finding when you moisturise it takes a while to soak in – You’re probably using too much and may need to revisit the quantities you are using.That’s it for now! We hope you have enjoyed this article and maybe gained some more knowledge about skincare that you didn’t know before!With loveThe Indra team x