Teeth Whitening

The average person smiles 62 times per day. Is your smile up to the task? Our teeth are easily damaged by poor diet, caffeine, smoking and alcohol which leaves us with stains and undesirable yellowing.
No-one wants a sad smile. Trust us with your smile here at Indra Beauty + Lashes.
We use only the highest quality teeth whitening products under our powerful LED light mask to bring your smile back to it's best. The system we use is Pearly Smiles and it is a non-peroxide based solution which is safe to be used on caps, crowns and veneers. The treatment is also sensitivity free due to the perfoxide-free formulation.
We offer a single session whitening treatment for 6-8 shades whiter teeth and also our most popular - The double session whitening treatment for 8-12 shades whiter teeth.
You can expect results to last 6 months from your treatment, without the use of whitening aftercare products. With the use of the pearly smiles aftercare kit available in salon, you can expect to extend your results 12 - 18 months,
Single Teeth whitening session: $99
Double Teeth whitening session: $159
This treatment is available 6 days a week and is performed by our professional and trained therapists.
Let us, give you, the best smile of your life