At Home Facial Bio-Hydra Kit

At Home Facial Bio-Hydra Kit

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Our solution to helping you achieve great skin results while at home, each kit has enough product to perform 2 x treatments

Bio-hydra treatment kit

A hydrating and moisture-locking treatment which will replenish thirsty skin, illuminate the complexion and combat dehydration.

The perfect treatment if your skin has suffered through winter and is feeling dehydrated and dull.

The specialised bamboo sheet mask and serum is sure to quench your skins hydration needs. This kit includes products to perform 2 x specialised hydration treatments at home.


Each home facial kit includes

- Skincare products for 2 x at home facials delivering amazing results targeted to your skin concerns using our advanced facial products

- 2 x pairs Collagen eye pads

- A complete facial kit including facial bowl, brush, mixing spatula, headband and handy scoops for decanting product

- Step by step, easy to follow instructions

We recommend performing the treatment at your bathroom vanity and once you get to the mask step, ensure you have a toasty warm bath poured with your favourite bath salts (or add them to your order) your favourite beverage on hand, a delicious smelling candle lit and allow yourself bliss out while your mask works it’s Magic infusing your skin with vital nutrients.

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